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Hello and thank you for stopping by! We are Ron and Judianne Demers, owners and creators of Demers Photography. We have been a husband and wife duo for over 16 years now, and photographers, professionally, more than half of that time.

We offer custom, on-location photography services for all our clients, and we strive to create an experience like no other by:

(1) creating a fun, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere during your session (we know that having a camera stuck in your face quite often produces the opposite result); and

(2) offering a variety of final proofs and portrait products at reasonable prices from which you can make your final selections.

We approach each session as the beginning of a long relationship. In fact, many of our clients have become lifelong friends. We hope you will be, too.

We know that there are several photographers who stand ready to take your portraits. When you trust Demers Photography with the privilege of recording your family and celebrations, we take that responsibility very seriously.

Want to know more? Simply contact us via:

(1) email:, or
(2) telephone: (207) 272-4798.